Concept to Completion

Our network/engineering team has a vast array of expertise in technology based applications and solutions. We are one of Kenya’s only IT firm that provides complete consulting, design and engineering, bid assistance, project management and E-Rate planning services. As subject matter experts, we provide our clients with the following services:

  • Assessment of existing site conditions.
  • Risk Management (Identification and Mitigation Strategies).
  • Detailed Recommendations Report.
  • Cost Identification and Programming Support Documentation.
  • Detailed and Enforceable Plans and Specifications.
  • Procurement Phase, Identification of Qualified Bidders.
  • Fiscal Tracking and Control.
  • Drawings, Diagrams and Supporting Documentation.
  • Requests for Proposals, Request for Quotes or Request for Bids.
  • Environmental Safety and Government Compliance.
  • Expertise in Codes and Standards.
  • Quality Assurance and Quality Control Programs.


Our commitment to advocate for our clients through the entire project has brought about a new level of true customer service. During the programming phase, we assist our clients in organizing their needs, identifying priorities and budgetary requirements. We provide technical solutions and collaborate with technical staff in order to develop client approved solutions. Our ability to translate client needs into successful technology projects is based on a commitment to excellence.

At Pixeltech, relationship building is a major priority. Many of our clients have been with us since 2009, proving that they come first. This philosophy has led us to be a leader in the design and deployment of integrated technology solutions on a diverse platform of technological fronts.

Whether it’s updating an existing building, system platform, or the creation of an all new technology infrastructure, we have the expertise to ensure your vision becomes reality.